Saturday, April 2, 2011

Shopping with the girls .... Maybe not the best idea I've ever had :)

I bought the girls the CUTEST suits online. I bought Katie a 3T but it just fits now so I had to go to Childrens Place to exchange them. I got her a one piece with a little tutu around it that she says makes her a ballerina. I was worried they wouldn't have anymore. I was in luck. They had 1 4T. I also had to exchange the bikini. The girls were picking out clothes they liked. We had fun. They each chose another hat (because you can never have too many, right? (oy)) and we got some capri leggings and a pair of capris. However, they wanted to do a lot of running around. I would say the time out they got helped, but it didn't. After the exchange, we headed to Carters. In Carters, they were running away from me. I ended up having to hold their hands and shop. It wasn't bad I just didn't want to loose them. I bought what I needed to and we left. They were so full of energy and wanted to run around so I let them run ahead. We played on those toys that move with Quarters and when it stopped Katie said "Mommy, do you have more quarters?" lol We played a bit more then went to have juice, coffee for mommy, and we shared a muffin. After we left the mall we went to the library and the girls picked out some books. I was told many times today that I have beautiful girls lol. I LOVE hearing that and it never gets old :) So today wasn't as great as I'd hoped but it wasn't horrible either. I will take them out again next Saturday. I want them to learn to walk with me and how to act in public without being strapped in a stroller. So we will continue and deal with what happens haha.

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The Lane Family said...

What a fun day!!! As you know and I have learned it never goes exactly how we would like it to go but if we are half way successful I consider it a success :)