Saturday, April 2, 2011

A spring day :)

We decided to walk through our neighborhood today. It was a ver nice walk.

Katie had a great time watching the ferries and helicoptors.

Karly stopped to pose for a picture with her daddy. Katie refused. She didn't like the bell. It's an old Fire Bell from a long, long time ago :) (hows that for history lol)

Karly trying hard to be cute :) okay okay so being cute isn't that difficult for her.

Walking into the park. This park is named "Hamilton Park". This is the historic site where Burr and Hamilton had the fatal duel that ended Hamiltons life. The rock he died on is a few blocks down, fenced in as well as a bust of Hamilton.

And this is why the girls fell asleep quickly tonight lol. They ran around this circle most of the time we were here.


Trinity said...

Your girls are to cute! Found your blog and just could not look past the photo's. Hope you do not mind

The Lane Family said...

The history lesson about the bell was GREAT!!! The other history lesson was fun as well!!!

I LOVE the girls hats and their backpacks so darn cute!!! I always love going outside and the kids running and playing because sleep is so much better!!

Patty said...

Lol! I wish that I had the desire to just run in circles until I fell asleep! Sometimes it feels like that is what I'm doing anyway, though.

Love the pictures! They are super cute with their outfits and backpacks!

Cassie said...

Great pictures! They are just so adorable. :)