Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My thoughts today...

1. I need to clean my computer screen. It has little girly fingerprints on it.
Okay so I cleaned the screen and all is well now lol.

2. My mom told me today that she has Parkinson's Disease.

She told me on facebook. I know she's saying it's no big deal but isn't this a phone call kind of thing? She told me in chat that my grandpa had lung cancer and he was going to die. I'm beginning to think she just doesn't like telling me bad news in person but still.....

3. There is stupid drama at work.

I was supposed to train a woman today. She's promising. She wants to be a child advocate. She's been working in the same room my girls are in. The things she was asking me .. "Do we put children in time-out when they won't sit and watch tv?" "They keep putting this one boy in time-out and making him sit there all day" etc... okkkayyy I told my boss about the questions as I can't act because my girls are in the class. She said we'll discuss it tomorrow. My assistant went to work in the room today for awhle and came back and said she didn't want to work in the room again. The children had to sit in time out everytime they breathe wrong :( oh boy .. I'm annoyed because I was informed my girls had to sit in time out several times because they refused to watch tv. Are you kidding me?!?!?!?!?! I think the problem is inexperience. Who knows though :(

4. Katherine won't eat and the therapist says she thinks Katie may have some sort of processing disorder. Not visual, more auditory.

Katherine won't eat. No fever, not acting differently, she just won't eat. She ate a few bites of cereal and some milk, no lunch and no dinner. Just a few grapes and half of my yogurt. I know thats eating something but Katies not my chunky monkey because she eats a little bit, this girl can eat. I went to check on her tonight and she's soaked in sweat. I know she didnt' have a fever, because I checked.

Her therapist thinks she has a processing delay. You can't fix it. If she does, it can't be diagnosed until she's older, we will have to make sure she has an occupational therapist as she attends school. Until then they are going to continue working on her Auditory Processing and we are supposed to let her carry heavy things around the house :)

5. I gained a pound while dieting!!!!

I hate hate hate PCOS!!!! This has a to be the most frustrating thing ever. I can't stand that no matter what I do, I can't lose anything! UGH!!!

6. Vacation planning is driving me crazy. My mom has all of these crazy plans for me for vacation. It's not like they are big deals or anything, it's all simple stuff but I just get exhausted thinking about it lol. We are going to MO for a week, driving to TX for a few days, then back to MO. She wants to have a babyshower for my sister and go to the fair, and take me out for my birthday and take the girls to chuck e cheese for their birthday lol sounds fun! 7. I want to take the kids to the Zoo next Weekend so I need the weather to cooperate. This weather is driving me BSC! It's warm then cold then sunny then cold and rainy then snowy then warm then snowy then rainy! UGH. I really want to take them next weekend because Donald will be home all weekend :) Those are my thoughts for today :) And to start my food journal, today I ate (keep in mind I found out I gained a pound this morning so I wasn't as good as i should of been)

  • Green tea frap with skim and no whip and a ham, egg and cheese sand

  • Plain cheeseburger and a Yoplait greek

  • london broil, mixed veggies, noodles

  • tsp of peanut butter and milk for desert


Cassie said...

Oh no, I'm sorry about your mom! And the drama at work, and Katie not eating, and the pound you gained! You definitely deserve that vacation that's coming your way!

I'm absolutely shocked that kids get put in time out for not watching TV. I mean, I can see watching TV every once in a while, but a kid getting in trouble for NOT WATCHING it? That seems pretty ridiculous!

The Lane Family said...

Tina it sounds like your week has been a real "jewel" I am sorry about your mom and having Parkinson's Disease.

The whole thing at work is not cool, children should not be put in in time out for not wanting to watch TV perhaps they should let the kids doing something different if they are not intrested in TV.

I know exaxtly what you are saying about about have PCOS and weight is a NIghtMARe and no one can understand if they have never been there.

I am also sorry about your little girls. Having MIss Avery with her issues and trying to deal with them and what people say it does get old and I want the best for my daughter.. as I know you do.

Hang in there and there will be better days ahead:)